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INFRARED is a hip hop group based in Austin, Texas, comprised of Lo Thraxx, J-Fleet, and LLOYD BLVCK. The group plays regularly around the Austin area, billing alongside artists like MadeinTYO, Devin the Dude, LE$, Kosha Dillz, Mac Lethal and Esham, both as as a group and as individual performers.

The unique yet harmonious vibes each artist brings to the table perfectly combine,  creating an effortless, soulful, yet cutting-edge sound, spurring the name INFRARED: three frequencies on the very same wavelength.

The group strikes the balance between the classic, laidback Southern hip hop sound and quick-witted, provocative bangers of modern hip hop, quickly garnering appreciation and intrigue from new fans at each and every set.

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LLOYD BLVCK has spent most of his life in Austin, but his early years spent on the east coast in Rochester, New York have a clear impact on the artist stylistically.

He first started writing when he was 11 years old, heavily inspired by his mom’s Nas albums, “It Was Written” and “Illmatic,” and the expert story-telling capabilities the legendary artist is known for.

LLOYD’s inspiration for his music derives from the idea that no matter your circumstances, you can do anything you want and be who you are. He also strives to push the envelope creatively and blend multi-genre arts, while also sharing new ideas and provoking thoughtful conversations.



J-Fleet is Houston-born and bred, a fundamental part of his persona that is clearly displayed through his influences, aesthetic, and personality. A hustler through and through, his dedication to the grind started back in those same middle school hallways, where he realized he could earn quick cash selling homemade mixtapes to his peers for $2 a pop.

Though quintessentially Houston, at the same time only one constant can found throughout his music: a complete lack thereof. The artist refers to his versatile body of work as “vibe music,” because his tracks reflect whatever he is feeling when he first hears a new beat.

His live shows are a true reflection of the art and the artist himself — intuitive, laid back, conscious, anecdotal, and yet always bursting with positive energy. J-Fleet represents the type of music true fans always find themselves coming back to again and again, striking the delicate balance between thought-provoking and light-hearted fun.


Lo Thraxx

Since 2010, Little Rock rapper Lo Thraxx has been making a name for himself as one of Arkansas’s most distinct voices. His unique, modern reinvention of Southern hip hop is sleek and futuristic, while rooted in soulful classic sounds.

He chooses his beats carefully, networking with producers from Houston to Memphis to Toronto, creating a sound that is totally his own. As an MC and storyteller, his delivery is crisp, evocative, and totally effortless. His past releases earned coverage by Mass Appeal, Hip Hop DX, and The Source, among others.

In the past year, Lo relocated to Austin, Texas, and also released numerous singles from his upcoming project, “Poundcloud,” which will drop in full in mid-2018. View Lo Thraxx’s press kit here.